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My brother has recently adivsed me to write a technology blog to record my technology, I have reviewed several blogging platform and finally decide to use Jekyll after below comparisons.

Wordpress- Tons of template
- Familiar to the framework
- SEO & plugins
- Backend hosting cost
- Visual editor generate problematic HTML code
Blogger- Easy to setup
- Good replacement of Xanga
- Easy setup for page view analytics or even adsense
- Need to deal with HTML code if writing post with <table>
- Theme flexibility is very limited
Medium- Support inserting code block
- Considerable monetization
- Great SEO optimization
- Poor support in using Chinese input method
- No custom domain unless paid
Jekyll- Supporting Markdown
- Lightweight and static website
- flexibility for configuration
- Technical barriers, e.g., Ruby on Rails
- Limited themes and plugins

Frankly speaking, starting Jekyll with Apple M1 is troublesome, it took me an hour to set up it with the basic template and several hours more for integrating with the theme. Nevertheless, it is fucking simple to write up a blog in Markdown such that every blog posts are fully compatible to any Jekyll theme. Even more, without dealing with the theme-specific HTML code or playing with fancy CSS, I can focus on writing the content and code.

//Syntax highlight is super good
console.log("Hello World");
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